The truth about the clinic and Maureen personally, as published in “America’s Best Cancer Doctors and their Secrets.

I am Maureen Howard Long, Founder of Camelot Cancer Care,

and Holy Grail Health, in Mexico.

Maureen Howard Long

Before I get into my background and bio, I must explain that I am the target of an FDA witch hunt and smear campaign. Many people have urged me to break my silence and issue a defense statement in response to the slander and libel that has been posted on the internet by corrupt, weaponized government agencies, with mainstream media now exposed as puppets of the big pharmaceutical corporations.

Its long overdue. “Taking the high road” with silence is a failed strategy, as the public presumes false accusations are true. I am coming forward to clarify facts and debunk the defamation, with history and timeline. Putting it all in context leads to an inescapable conclusion: I am in fact a victim of political persecution.

The indictment filed against me in Kansas in 2014, alleging fraud, was a laundry list of bogus charges, which the government first deprived me of the means to defend against.
In the raid on my clinic, the FBI & FDA confiscated all patient records, both electronic and hard copy files; all evidence proving the effectiveness of our natural chemotherapy treatment.

Our motion asking that copies be provided for defense were denied by the court.
They also indicted me in improper venue, in another state where I had no roots in the community, bringing the case before an Obama appointed judge.

This was done after first seizing my home and all assets, leaving me nothing of value that could be pledged as security to a bondsman. Clearly, I was being denied due process, by a corrupt agency agenda (weaponized DOJ) designed to break me in custody, so as to get me to agree to a plea bargain. (Or to suicide me.)

Word of my indictment reached me when I was traveling on business in Mexico. I soon realized how badly my rights were being violated, and that the media was being allowed to poison the jury pool with their smear campaign.

The inescapable conclusion was that the system was rigged; likely at the behest of big pharma, which is vicious in the protection of its chemotherapy monopoly.

My natural, nontoxic formula had cured too many cancer patients. They were out to bury all traces of its existence–and me along with it.

I was shocked to learn that the FDA had combed through the files they had confiscated and sent out letters to former patients we had cured.

They had threatened them with prosecution for the “crime” of having sought “unapproved” means of surviving their cancer.

The goal was apparently to intimidate our former patients into silence as to how they had defeated their cancer by natural means.

I opted not to board the “railroad” to Kansas Kangaroo Court. Having nothing to return to anyway (they had seized my home and all my property) I chose exile in Mexico over death in a US prison.

My Mexican legal counsel filed for asylum status, citing the rising number of suspicious deaths of alternative cancer practitioners, at the hands of the big pharma cartel.

Below is a copy of the court order dismissing the charges against me, in March of 2018. It came out of the purge of US prosecutors in the wake of the 2016 election; another indicator that this was a political persecution.

But finding this order of case dismissal requires a search of a court record which is not accessible by the general public. One must first have access to the PACER system, which is behind a pay wall, requiring a subscription, and then be able to supply the case number and/or styling.

Only lawyers and journalists bother to research that far. The average person doing a Google search of my name finds only the misleading, defamatory 2014 indictment, now obsolete, with no indication showing that it was dismissed back in 2018.

Big tech and big pharma (under color of law, having gained corrupt control over the department of JUST US) has tentacles extending worldwide. And so the smear campaign continues.



Early Bio & Education that Shaped My Controversial Career :

I was born in California, grew up in the 1950s, in Tulsa, Oklahoma from the age of ten. In 1966, I scored the 2nd highest SAT score in the state, and ranked in the top 1% nationwide. But I was bored, hated school. I was a budding libertarian and social justice warrior, decades before it was acceptable. (At age 15, I was inspiring courage and instigating insurrection among “sheeple” students.)

At age 18, right out of high school, I married my first husband. The Vietnam war was escalating. He was in the signal corp, with a high security clearance as a photographer and film processor. He witnessed horrors, all classified. Unable to adapt to civilian life, he became a veteran suicide. Fast forward 5 years through my 2nd marriage, birth of my 2nd daughter. (That ex also now deceased.)

I entered the nursing program at what was then Tulsa Junior College, where I passed all of the hard science courses required for premed in good standing. At the time I left, I had a 4.0 gpa and was on the President’s honor roll.

Now, in an ongoing effort to dig up dirt for its smear campaign, the FDA & DOJ are forcing me to defend and explain ancient history going back 35 years into my past—in an obvious attempt to negate my work and smear me personally.

But there are sound, significant reasons why I dropped out of the nursing program and did not continue through to graduation. I had gained the solid foundation I needed, and my future cancer patients all benefited when I bailed out of the brainwashing.

Reality shock and disillusionment played a part; the realization as to why so many RN’s leave the profession. Also, the only way to get through the gauntlet to graduation is to hang your head in blind obedience, never questioning any false teachings, even when common sense tells you they are wrong. Here are  examples I can recall to this day, issues which became deal breakers for me:

  1. One guest lecturer (from a major drug company) told an audience of over 200 premed students that the first line of defense against most maladies was in knowing what drugs to prescribe. She went on to say it was best to discourage patients from taking nutritional supplements, as it would only give them “expensive urine,” and they could get all the vital nutritional elements from their diets. (False. Its impossible to eat enough to correct some deficiencies. The body takes what it needs before it pees out the surplus. Nutritional supplements are good health insurance.) Aside from that, drug reps were being allowed input into the curriculum, to influence the upcoming crop of premed students.
  2. They were actually teaching nurses to give “soapsuds enemas” in 1981.

The theory was that the soap would irritate the colon, triggering spasms, which would evacuate the bowel, curing constipation. (Brutally.)

I kept silent during that lecture, but sought out the instructor afterwards. I expressed concern over transference through the gut into the circulation. (Patients who can’t take oral meds receive them via suppositories.)

I went on to state that the soapy enema procedure was comparable to having the patient drink Dawn dish detergent, and would pose the same hazard to the liver and kidneys. I later showed her the lab reports on hospitalized patients we were following on rounds. Some charts showed that reactions had happened in the wake of her soapsuds enema orders.

It didn’t matter that I did this privately, not wishing to humiliate that tenured nursing instructor. She flushed in rage. My life became pure hell afterwards, in many insidious ways. Conventional medicine does not tolerate mavericks.

  1. The last straw for me was the realization that the hospital oncology wards were killing fields. Many cancer patients were dying from “complications.” Translation: kidney and liver failure, after radiation exposure and toxic chemo, not from natural disease progression of their cancer.

Worse, all the doctors and nurses, ordering and administering it, were following their training, and did not know any other way. Anyone who even suggested that “the emperor was naked” had his or her career sabotaged.

All that I learned and witnessed—in a nursing program I left early, gave me the core knowledge needed to eventually found Camelot Cancer Care.

How the Clinic Was Founded (When Cancer hit Home)

Years later, when my then-husband was diagnosed with advanced stage non-Hodgkins lymphoma, I knew that the treatment plan proposed by a well known Tulsa oncologist would only hasten his death.

I was determined to find the natural chemotherapy formula that had been driven underground in Tulsa, after the FDA had imprisoned the lady who developed it. She was neither a doctor nor a nurse—yet her patients were surviving against all odds. (She was “found dead” in custody, within days of her sentencing.)

“The lily lady” had left vials of her formula hidden in the freezers of friends all over Tulsa. I managed to find some, discovered that the base was DMSO, which is legal, and the rest is history.

My late husband, (portrait is shown in the picture of me at my desk) had been given a death sentence. We were told he had less than 90 days to live, with advanced stage non-Hodgkins lymphoma. He made a complete recovery, and survived for many more years before passing from a stroke, at age 81. He was the first of many patients treated at Camelot over the years.

When Camelot was driven out of the country, I revived its former satellite clinic in Cancun, Mexico, and rebranded as Holy Grail Cancer Care.

The silver lining to the cloud of persecution is that the improved, weaponized version of natural chemo, Formula M, is legal in Mexico—in a safe destination, well known for medical tourism. Many US airports have direct flights to that Caribbean paradise.

Targeted Witch Hunt: Timeline of Events Before and Since Exile

(how a corrupt political climate forced me to seek asylum.)

I left the US in December of 2014, on what I thought would be a brief business trip, to explore the logistics of moving Camelot Cancer Care to Mexico.

While traveling, I was shocked to learn I had been indicted in improper venue; Kansas, where I had never set foot. It was unexpected, because the Oklahoma Grand Jury had been meeting weekly for over a year and declined to indict.

With no roots in the Kansas community, there was no hope of being freed on my own recognizance, to work on my defense. My property had been seized in civil forfeiture (now legal against any citizen, on pretext, often without charges filed.)

That meant that I had no assets to pledge as security for bond, and would have ended up in custody. My predecessor, who saved many lives with the original version of my natural chemo formula, was “found dead,” in custody within days.

What would legal counsel advise a client to return to face charges, given that set of circumstances? I couldn’t defend against the lies and gross exaggerations put out by the media, without disclosing my defense.

The defamation wasn’t limited to Oklahoma and Kansas. It extended nationwide, poisoning all potential jury pools. Deprived of any means to fund my defense, I was “David” up against “Goliath”, only the Giant (the DOJ) had seized the rock.

The courts ignored my defense pleadings; all disallowed under the Fugitive Disentitlement Act, while they proceeded to plunder my property. Yes, they did this to a legally blind widow nearing retirement age—on pretext of vitamin B17.

None of the premise product (vitamin B17 is also known as amygdalin or Laetrile) was present when the clinic was raided. It was on back order, because the bulk of the Mexican supplier’s production was going to Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Knowing this to be fact (corroborated by the supplier and CTCA) Camelot logically presumed it had gained mainstream acceptance.

Stripped of all I owned, at age 64, I found myself locked out of the country on a revoked passport. I had few tools for survival, but chief among them was my Latin American medical contacts who had all witnessed the success of my natural chemotherapy formula.

I was counting my blessings that I was alive. Several of my associates in alternative oncology were not so lucky. Over 60 alternative practitioners and researchers have been “found dead” in the past two years; over half under suspicious circumstances.

Mounting Facts Point to Inescapable Conclusion

Many people are asking, “how high does the body count have to get before they stop calling it a conspiracy theory?” Those medical martyrs are not “theoretical.”

They are factually dead, many with multiple indicators left behind which clearly contradicts suicidal intentions.

Anyone can google “Health Nut News Doctor Deaths”, and look at all the evidence of foul play—yet the authorities are stonewalling the victims’ families, in many of those cases. Is the motivation not obvious by now?

At this writing (Monday, July 17th), word has reached me that our top clinic doctor in Cancun, who supervised our cancer patients, was found dead 3 days ago. Dr. Hernandez was 47 and appeared to be in excellent health.

One of our patients had contact with him around noon on Friday. He sounded brusque; busy, yet cheerful, his usual demeanor. He gave no indication of depression. Two hours later, he didn’t answer his phone.

Dr. Hernandez was found dead that evening. Officially a heart attack; but that determination was without an autopsy. His body was quickly incinerated, destroying any evidence that may have existed. The US corporate cancer cartel is ruthless in its protection of its monopoly, even extending its tyranny deep into Mexico.

However people feel about the new US President, the former one signed kill orders on American citizens every Tuesday morning. And yet, no one deemed this impeachable. Where was the media outrage?

Rant: Corporate Reign of Tyranny; a Remnant of the Obama DOJ

“Politically incorrect” people are being framed on false charges, at the behest of corporate interests, colluding with media that smears, spins and sensationalizes.  The targets are robbed in civil forfeiture, left unable to fund their defense.

That’s how the Department of “Just US” maintains a 97.5% conviction rate, and sends a steady stream of inmates into the corporate, for-profit prison system.

They end up supplying the slave labor for the industry, for what often turns out to be a life sentence, for the older victims.

For the small percentage of targeted defendants who are acquitted, they remain wiped out. Their homes and property are almost never recovered. What feds seize in civil forfeiture, they fight tooth and nail to keep.

Unlike their victims, federal bureaucrats have deep pockets. They get deeper with every new citizen theft they proudly perpetrate, under color of law, while portraying themselves as guardians of the public interest. They share the liquidated proceeds with the police, now militarized from loot flowing into their slush fund. Cops are now willing accessories to these legal muggings.

Americans remain oblivious until the tyranny hits them personally. The people who have woken up to it can do little, without being branded domestic terrorists and targeted themselves. Any citizen protest group will be infiltrated.

Agents are writing their own warrants, often on falsified evidence, filed under seal. Raids and civil asset looting are now legal. As of this writing, the current

AG proposes to expand civil forfeiture abuse, as well as the failed war on drugs.

Medicinal hemp oil, containing no intoxicating agent, is being raided and seized from health food stores, in states where it is legal. (Yet the Attorney General sits on his hands in recusal, wimping out, even when the President himself became the target of a deep state witch hunt.)

Many who are reading this have waited a long time for me to break my silence with the full story of what actually happened, and why my “disappearance” was the only way to survive against impossible circumstances.

The Back Story—The Timeline—and Conclusion

Try to imagine being in your mid 60’s, with failing vision and other health issues, looking forward to retirement. Imagine attending a libertarian support rally, in which you pledge a donation to the Libertarian super PAC, to support the candidate who pledged to disband the FDA if elected. The rally was infiltrated.

Out of the blue, the IRS comes calling. Not long after your accountant resolves that audit, the government (FDA/FBI) swoops in and freezes and seizes your business account and even your personal trust account, thus ensuring you are blocked from honoring your donation pledge to the candidate.

The gestapo nightmare doesn’t stop there. The FBI agent who led the raids—both business and home invasions, conducted at gunpoint–serves papers, stating intent to take your home and contents, even inherited heirlooms that predate and have no connection to the business. (Try proving it, when they have seized all your records and hard drives, not even giving you copies with which to build your defense.)

Meanwhile, your lawyer won’t lift a finger without money. But your accounts are seized, and you are left with no means to generate funds. Even without an injunction, your business is economically strangled, when you can’t pay your suppliers, office rent or meet payroll. You are only able to buy groceries and keep the utilities on by liquidating gold your late husband set aside for such an emergency. (He knew this day would come.)

Your lawyer tells you that the feds’ agenda is to put you out of business, and if they can’t do it on one pretense they will only expand to another. You count out your dwindling reserves, and realize the only hope is to move clinic operations to Mexico, where your doctors can practice in peace, and patients will follow.

So off you go, in quiet desperation, with your computer, a cooler of supplies and a few clothes, for what you expect will be a short trip. Imagine traveling outside the country, and discovering you have been indicted. You are suddenly faced with multiple felony charges, after being stripped of all means to fund a defense.

Should you return, the sequence of events is predictable: an overworked public defender will tell you that conviction on even one of the counts will mean a life sentence, but if you agree to a plea deal, he can get you out in maybe 5 years.

Can you imagine the spirit killing hell of miserable existence of those 5 years?

A common scenario is that case managers won’t recommend early release unless an inmate “accepts responsibility.”

Translation: “Show remorse and stop insisting on your innocence (sabotage your appeal prospects) unless you want to die in here.” What a cruel catch-22.

Try to imagine being not only financially ruined by civil forfeiture theft, but also framed on false evidence, and at the mercy of a bored and gullible jury, unless you agreed to a deal, after months of miserable confinement.

Would you roll the dice and demand to go to trial, knowing (a) jurors who display critical thinking are disqualified, and (b) in one famous case, a California jury was collectively too stupid to realize that leather shrinks when it’s wet?

If you caved in to fear and took the plea deal, (5 years) what hope would you have to rebuild, reentering society in your 70’s, and destitute? And facing parole stipulations forbidding any effort at your recovery–unable to pursue work that was your passion?

Would you return to face a rigged fight, up against a rogue regime? Imagine the perp walk gauntlet—the jeering mob of presstitutes–with little hope of regaining your freedom or your property.

With the US taken over by a cancer of corruption, wouldn’t the better choice be to seek political asylum in exile, and continue “watchful waiting” for any signs of the swamp being drained?

The following factors weighed in my decision:

In the past 8 and a half years since I have been in exile, the bias and corruption of the MSM has become so blatant that it’s finally entered the public consciousness.

More and more people have wised up, changing over to alternative news sources on the internet for the truth. The 2016 election outcome was a mandate to drain the swamp. The evidence now emerged, with mounting proof that the 2020 election was rigged and stolen from the re-elected president (love him or hate him, its irrelevant) is further evidence of the corruption in DC and its top federal agencies. The now official president was installed (like a toilet.) Millions are now facing hardship and destitution as a result of disastrous policies carried out on his watch. But I digress.

Camelot Cancer Care’s DMSO based natural chemotherapy formula saved many lives. Its success was becoming too well known, published in at least 8 books and on many alternative oncology web sites—to the consternation of the cancer cartel. That made me a target.

The IRS came calling, followed by the FDA, all too happy to collude with corporate interests to destroy holistic competition, under color of law.

When a local grand jury of 20 people was not convinced and wouldn’t cooperate, they found a friendly prosecutor in another state—one with a track record of violating the constitutional rights of the accused with impunity.

Even though the false Kansas charges were eventually dismissed in 2018 (improper venue is clear) there is nothing to stop feds from seating a new Oklahoma grand jury… and another, until they finally get one that can be convinced there must be fire behind the smoke and mirrors.

Their job is to convince a jury that something sinister must have gone on, or they wouldn’t have been called to examine it, and that 2+2 must equal 22.

Most grand juries can be bullied into delivering an indictment… allowing an ambitious, amoral prosecutor to take another scalp. The system is rigged.

Any defendant thinking it’s a fair fight is delusional.

The first legal advice given to any target is to avoid media interviews. Obviously, their agenda is not to delve into the truth and present unbiased facts, but to boost their ratings with character assassination and sensationalism.

Sound bites get edited, with spliced together snippets that portray a false narrative. One only has to watch their commercials, to realize how much of their ad revenues come from the drug companies. Exposing the evil of their sponsors would be economic suicide for any big media outlet-it’s not gonna happen.

The only way a targeted victim can defend against the media monopoly is to get his/her own statement up on an internet web site, with hosting migrated to block against US attempts to censor it. So here I am, and Now You Know.

This concludes the background history, timeline and current status.

But it would not be complete without the following list of FAQ’s, along with my response to false or misleading statements posted by the FDA/DOJ:

  1. Accusation: “She is not a doctor, or a nurse.”

Response: I never made such a claim. Many colleagues and patients all heard my story of why I didn’t complete the final months of nurses training, when all the hard science courses and most of the hands-on practical were behind me.

I have always quickly corrected anyone who called me a doctor. I train doctors in alternative oncology, how to administer and what to expect. A common quote from me has always been “Don’t call me doctor. It’s like calling an NCO ‘sir’.”

What is never pointed out in the defamation is that clinic administrators and/or owners are not required to be doctors or nurses in many states. We hire them, but we handle administrative tasks. I have a strong enough medical background to know how to pick doctors and nurses, and the wisdom to not get in their way.

As for my own nursing background: I never regretted refusing to sell out my principles for an official RN title, nor missing the final few months of hands-on med-surg training that I was dreading and know I would have hated.

Camelot and its predecessor clinic were in operation a combined total of 16 years. I can now claim over 25, calculating rebranding and resuming ops in Mexico. My point is that no amount of FDA libel negates years of experience in alternative oncology. I have merit and credentials. Take another look at my photo posted to this page; the CME certificates on the wall behind my desk. For lay readers, CME stands for “continuing medical education.” The display reflects years of it.

Many people hold official RN titles. Some of those nurses administer toxic standard chemo, knowing full well that it may kill the patient. I never did and never will. I have always held myself—and every doctor or nurse I ever hired

–to the standard of “First, Do No Harm.”

Camelot had a higher per capita patient survival rate than any conventional oncology clinic. When that could not be disputed, corrupt federal agencies, under the corporate control of big pharma (chemo manufacturers, protecting their monopoly) went “ad hominum.” (Ignoring inconvenient facts by switching over to a personal attack.) That is a classic sign of a weak case.

No smear campaign changes the fact that our natural chemo formula was well tolerated, with minimal side effects, and continues to save many lives in Mexico.

  1. “What about the claim of formula not being mixed by pharmacists?”

Answer:  It’s not required, and is, in fact, an unreasonable restriction that they attempted to impose on only Camelot, without any justification to support it. IV bags of carrier solution come with ports for a reason: so doctors orders for the right IV meds can be added to them. There was never any contamination issue.

  1. “What about the claim that patients received treatment in hotel rooms?”

Answer: When patients were being accosted and harassed by media crews in the clinic parking lot, having cameras and microphones shoved in their faces, we had to get creative to protect them. Here again, house calls happen to be legal—either to the home, in the case of a local patient, or to hotel rooms, in the case of those from out of town. The truth is that private homes and hotel rooms are actually cleaner than most hospital rooms. It is a known fact that many hospitals in all major cities are fighting super bug contaminations they can no longer control. A patient is far more likely to contract an infection in a hospital than in his home or hotel room. Hospital acquired infections can be fatal to a cancer patient with a compromised immune system.

  1. “What about the claim that a patient died?”

Answer: She died from her cancer. Contrary to wild unfounded allegations, that patient arrived in end stage liver cancer, so late in the disease process, that very little could be done to even retard progression and buy time for her. Patient history is a critical factor in that case. Lab reports showed evidence of hepatitis C, which is a known causative agent for that malignancy.

There were also other factors in play, involving error by a well-meaning party with no association to Camelot. Placing blame would have been pointless and cruel. That patient would have died regardless of all heroic efforts to save her. Cancer patients often expire, as a routine occurrence at all of the major cancer treatment clinics, in Tulsa and elsewhere. Feds “piled on” undue condemnation on Camelot, trying to imply wrongdoing, when in fact the evidence does not support their outlandish libel.

  1. “Can you respond to the claim that you have gone by 5 past aliases?”

Answer: There is an absurdly simple explanation. Except for one error (baffling)  every one of those was a former married name, evidently dug up from ancient public records. I was married at age 18, and am now nearly 67 and widowed, a span of almost 50 years. My former husbands are all deceased. One marriage lasted 16 years, the final one 13. They will use anything as fodder for slander.

  1. “What about the fraud claim, about IV bags containing no DMSO?”

Answer: I deny it absolutely. I would call that a fraudulent claim, made by a notoriously corrupt agency out to take a scalp to justify its budget. Past instances of the FDA falsifying lab analysis reports to frame targets have been uncovered and are a matter of record. Having personally witnessed the abuses they have committed, I would not put anything past them.

  1. “Can you respond to fraud claims of survivors of Kansas patients?”

Answer: Here is the best response: Try to imagine that you are a widower,

financially struggling and bitter, having gone all out in a losing battle to save your wife from dying from cancer. But you went the conventional route first, opting for the toxic standard chemo and radiation because in your mind it was “free,” (covered by insurance.) But her cancer continued to progress, only with an immune system further damaged by the failed conventional treatment.

So you went into debt to raise the cost of alternative treatment, a “Hail Mary Pass.” You did this with full knowledge that no clinic could guarantee you a late stage miracle, only a chance at gaining enough momentum to retard progression, in hopes of reversing some of the damage, that they were not responsible for. You were told, the clinic could only do its best, against the odds.

Ultimately your wife loses the battle. You are faced with final expenses and funeral costs, and now you are out on a limb for the loan you took out for that Hail Mary Pass that failed. You have no hope of collecting any refund from the conventional clinic that charged your insurance much more than you paid out of pocket, and you know in your heart that they foreclosed your wife’s survival prospects. But you can’t go after them. No lawyer will take that case, because her treatment met “the standard of care.”

And then comes a phone call or a knock at the door, with agents flashing badges and dripping sympathy, calling you a victim of fraud and promising you an eventual refund, if you assist them with the prosecution. How many people, in such circumstances, would be tempted to throw the last clinic under the bus, in hopes of recouping some of their loss?

Like thousands of others, that widower faithfully paid his health insurance premiums, often by payroll deduction, never imagining that the coverage would turn out to be worthless when he needed it. So, in the final analysis, who actually committed medical fraud against the patient and family? Camelot, or the health care and insurance industry?

This video makes it crystal clear: Medical Freedom and Medical Fraud.

You can contact me at grailgirl@protonmail.com or by using this Contact form.